GOV – Planning Portal

The Planning Portal is the UK Government’s on-line planning and Building Regulations resource for England and Wales:

There are a number of pieces of legislation that relate to the standards of premises or construction and, depending on the type of premises and whether any building work is being carried out – one or more could apply at any given time.

Building Regulations – Building Policy & Legislation

There are a number of pieces of policy and legislation that apply to the building control regime. This section focuses on the most relevant ones although, as there may well be others relevant to your situation, you are advised to take further advice to ensure you are fully informed.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations apply in England & Wales and promote ‘standards’ for most aspects of a building’s construction, energy efficiency in buildings, the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings. Refer to:

& for more detailed information

Building Regulations – Approved Documents